Coventry Rolls Royce Polish Wedding Car Hire

Polish weddings are fantastic occasions; the perfect mix of (often) Roman Catholic church tradition, and social traditions and conventions, bringing together for a wonderful wedding ceremony and a big long two-day celebrations with the bride and groom's friends, family and loved ones.

Traditionally, the bride and groom arrive at the venue in either horse & carriage, or in a luxury limousine. Only one of those will provide a smooth ride in ultimate luxury, and that's the limousine! Our Rolls Royce Phatoms and classic, vintage cars are ideal for a Polish wedding service, giving the happy couple an unrivaled feel of extravagance and style that everyone expects on their big day. So hire one today, perhaps for the wesele (or reception) at the three-star Days Hotel (89 Holyhead Rd, Coventry CV1 3).

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Coventry Rolls Royce Phantom Wedding

We would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone at Coventry Rolls Royce Hire for making our wedding day absolutely spectacular. The Phantom we hired turned up nice and early so we were not stressing about getting there on time. The decorations were lovely, and the chauffeur was so friendly - he kept me calm! We are definitely recommending you to our engaged friends!”

Mr & Mrs Johnson Coventry