Coventry Limos

Sometimes the subtle elegance of our Rolls Royce Phantoms, vintage Rolls Royces and Bentleys are not heavy enough with their dose of style. If you want something more 'in your face' and jaw-dropping in the lavish luxury department then look no further than our range of limousine services here at Coventry Rolls Royce Hire. These are limos you'd give your right arm just to test drive, but now you can ride hire one for your wedding day for some truly amazing prices!

Coventry Baby Bentley Limo Hire

Check out this beast of a supreme car! There's seating inside for 8, when the car usually only sits 4. The sleek, stylish appearance of this vehicle mean you're sure to garner everyone's complete attention as you cruise around Coventry on your way to your venue. And with the iconic gull-wing doors, there's no danger of trapping your dress on your way out!

Coventry Baby Bentley Limo Hire

Coventry Hummer Limo Hire

If there's one thing that most people would buy if they were to become a millionaire, it's a fantastic limousine such as a Hummer; but how often is that going to happen? And the same is true for your wedding day - it's only going to happen once! So why not go for the extreme end of the style scale and choose a Hummer LImo hire package for your wedding day? Heads will turn, eyes will pop and jaws will hit the floor!

Coventry Hummer Limo Hire

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We understand that when you're planning your big wedding day that time is of the essence - ensuring you have the perfect Rolls Royce or vintage car for your wedding day is one item on a long list of things that need planning.

That's why we've introduced our brand new online chat feature here at Coventry Rolls Royce Hire. It allows you to speak in real-time to our sales advisors so you get the answers you need as quickly as possible.

Coventry Rolls Royce Phantom Wedding

We would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone at Coventry Rolls Royce Hire for making our wedding day absolutely spectacular. The Phantom we hired turned up nice and early so we were not stressing about getting there on time. The decorations were lovely, and the chauffeur was so friendly - he kept me calm! We are definitely recommending you to our engaged friends!”

Mr & Mrs Johnson Coventry